Free Injury Assessment for Athletes
Whether you’re a competitor, a hobbyist or a weekend warrior, a sports injury is no fun. With this complimentary 15-minute consultation, you’ll meet an experienced therapist who will discuss your injury with you. Then we’ll recommend ways for you to get back in the game. (A $75 value!)

Free Pain assessment
If you have acute or chronic pain in your neck, back, hand, wrist or any bone, muscle or joint, it’s time to take action. Our therapists will evaluate your pain for free in this 15-minute assessment. After that, they’ll help you determine your options for getting past the pain. (A $75 value!)
Free 30-minute Massage!
After your first paid treatment session, get a relaxing half-hour massage from our licensed massage therapist… at no cost to you! (A $30 value!)
Free Fitness Program for a full week!
When you come in for a paid injury assessment or other evaluation, you’ll receive your first week of on-site fitness programs at no cost. That’s a savings of $20!